Academic Differentiators

What Makes Pine Lake Prep Unique... twofold; the emphasis on Fine Arts, STEM and Spanish language programs to enhance core classes; and the attention placed on particular student outcomes that will better prepare them for purposeful lives. 

Student Outcomes

Students will work together and learn to build on each others' ideas to construct new knowledge, skills, and understanding that they did not have prior to collaborative work. 

Students will learn to research the many dimensions of a problem, communicate the problem to others, generate numerous options for solutions, select solutions based on established parameters, identify and then implement solutions as effectively as possible.

Written Communication:
Students shall be able to produce organized, clear, and effective writing for a variety of purposes. 

Verbal Communication: 
Students will clearly articulate and explain information to others with the intent to increase knowledge, foster understanding, and/or promote change in the listener’s attitudes, values, beliefs or behaviors.  

Critical Thinking:
Students will put into practice the process of logically gathering, analyzing, and synthesizing information for the purpose of making an informed and independent decision.  

Spanish Language Proficiency

group photo of students in STEM building
student outcomes graphic

Fine Arts

taylor in art room

K-12 Spanish

girl reading book in Spanish


STEM photo