Courses Offered

Theatre Art Courses Available to Upper School 

Theatre Art Beginning: Introduction to Drama and Theater (Beginning) This class offers a general overview of theatre, introduces elementary concepts, methods, theatrical terminology, and discipline, and explores the creative process. Students will study the origins of modern drama, and develop basic skills in all areas of theatre. A primary goal of this course is to develop an appreciation and understanding of the history and development of playwriting. Participants are given an opportunity to stretch their imagination, focus creative energy, and work alone and in groups to tell stories and bring characters to life.  

Technical Theater I and II Prerequisites: Theater 1 and teacher approval Technical Theater I is a course designed to provide learners with a basic understanding of the aesthetics and practical application of all phases of technical production. This would include the study of visual aesthetics, the physical theater, scene design (construction and painting), costuming/makeup, lighting, sound engineering, and backstage organization and crew responsibilities. Production work is required. An emphasis will be placed on theater safety.

Beginning Acting (Beginning, Intermediate) Prerequisite: Audition required Students who have completed Theatre 1 may audition into the acting program. Beginning Acting is an Arts Participation course designed to teach the basic skills, concepts, and methods of modern realistic acting techniques. Beyond that, however, the class will provide students the opportunity to strengthen those powers of concentration, focus, analysis, imagination, creativity and empathy that are critical to every art form. This is a performance based course. Students are placed into the this class based on skill not grade level.

Advanced Acting (Proficient, Advanced) Prerequisite: Beginning Acting or Acting teacher recommendation This is a performance-based course designed for highly-motivated, experienced drama students. Participants will study advanced acting techniques and script analysis, complete directing and design projects, and engage in detailed, critical evaluation and focused research. Coursework includes participation in other performances outside the regular class schedule.

Musical Theatre Prerequisite: Audition Required This course will introduce the student to the dynamic world of musical theatre through song analysis and acting the song, class exercises for the body and the voice, as well as an initial look at both classic and contemporary musical theatre style, structure and content with an overall emphasis on performance. Course is performance based and performances outside the school day will be required a couple of times per year.

Stage Makeup and Costuming Prerequisite: Theatre I Students will learn the basics and origin of stage makeup and be responsible for implementing different kinds of makeup designs from basic to advanced (prosthetics, etc.) Students will also learn the basics of costuming: color, design, time period, etc.