STEM Education

Pine Lake Preparatory students are exposed to STEM education beginning in their Lower School years, and opportunities are expanded throughout their years at PLP. 

Students Kindergarten through Grade 5 come to the STEM Building every two weeks for a 90 minute hands-on lesson on pulleys and other simple machines, and simple programming of Ozobots. 

In Middle School, students can opt into STEM classes for half the year, and learn about Design and Modeling, Automation and Robotics, Flight and Space, and Medical Detectives. 

Upper School students have the opportunity to choose one, or both, STEM tracks currently offered; Engineering, and Computer Science. 

The state of the art STEM Building opened opportunities for Science and Engineering teachers to bring their lessons into the wide hallways to test their parachutes, gliders, assembly lines and other hand-on creations. 


"The benefits of a K-12 STEM continuum at Pine Lake are immense.  Students work to solve difficult problems through collaboration and creativity while applying sound problem solving and critical thinking strategies.  Most importantly, students learn to keep going when something doesn’t work the first time, or the second, or third….. This mindset empowers students and prepares them for any college major or career they take on with the hope that they will make a difference in their school, community, and world. "

- Jeff Walker, PLP Engineering Teacher