Robotics: Upper School


Team SPORK is Pine Lake's Upper School Robotics team. Each year, they are given limited time to build a robot from scratch under strict rules and limited resources. The robot has to accomplish a task, as assigned by FIRST Robotics, and the team competes on a state, regional, and even world stage. 

Team members develop skills in numerous areas; programming, design, business planning, working under tight deadlines, and other technical skills. 


FIRST stands for For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology. This program was created by Dean Kamen in 1992, starting with only 28 teams and growing to almost 8,000 teams around the world today!

This year is Team SPORK’s eleventh season! They have performed countless outreach hours, both in North Carolina, and internationally in India, supported FLL and FRC teams, and won many awards in competition, including the Industrial Design award and Quality award this year; in addition to the Safety Star Award, and two Dean's List nominees.