Our History


overhead image of campus 2007


overview view of campus

Pine Lake Preparatory was established in 2006. Enrollment during that first year was limited to kindergarten through second grade. In 2007, the school moved to its permanent campus and expanded to grades K-11. In 2008, we had our first graduating class. Our state of the art campus includes a lower school building, a middle school building, an upper school building, a Fine Arts Building, an Athletic and Community Center. a state-of-the-art STEM building, and an Athletic Complex just a few miles from main campus. 

Pine Lake has a total enrollment that exceeds 1,800 students. Pine Lake has a vision to challenge each student to reach his/her individual potential by integrating rigorous academic programs with a wide range of cultural and extra-curricular activities to develop the whole child. Our students receive instruction in Spanish, Art, Music, and Technology. 

We believe that we are "right-sized" for a complete high school experience; large enough to offer a wide variety of extra-curricular activities, yet small enough that students have many opportunities to participate. Pine Lake offers more than 25 athletics teams, and other social and academic clubs.  A Fine Arts focus allows us to produce brilliant theatrical, vocal, and instrumental performances; and tracks in Engineering and Computer Science develop skills for futures in technology.