Lottery Applications and Results

All grades are currently full for the 2022-2023 school year.

If openings become available, an email will be sent to the next family on the wait list for that grade level along with a follow-up call, if we do not hear back from you. Currently, parents have 3 days to accept the offer and 7 business days to complete the enrollment paperwork. The closer we get to the start of school, the less time we will be able to give a family to respond. Parents will always have 24 hours to respond.

This document will be updated as often as possible, when there has been enough movement to warrant an update for our website posting. The child’s wait list number does not change, but the offers will get closer to your number as seats become available.


Sibling Lottery Results, held February 9, 2022

General Lottery Results, held February 19, 2022