COVID-19 Updates

Active COVID cases in staff or students who were in school in a 48 hour period prior to diagnosis: 
As of May 4, 2023

Upper School - 1

Middle School - 1

Lower School - 1

PLP will support each family's decision regarding mask wearing. 


How is PLP handling possible, suspected, presumptive or confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 and potential exposures.

Effective June 24, 2022, the NC StrongSchools Toolkit was sunsetted by NCDHHS.  Per NCDHHS, going forward, school administrators, staff, and families should refer to the Handling Possible, Suspected, Presumptive or Confirmed Positive Cases of COVID-19 and Potential Exposures to be used in schools.  

What should I do if my child tests positive for COVID-19 or is presenting COVID-like symptoms?

Please refer to the Management of COVID Cases or Individuals Presenting with COVID-like Symptoms document. 

Does the school offer on-site COVID-19 testing?

Yes, families are welcome to schedule on-site testing through our nursing staff for students who may be experiencing symptoms.  


How can I find the Community Transmission Levels for Iredell or Mecklenburg County?

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) continues to publish Community Transmission Levels.  This information is updated weekly (by Thursday evening) and can be accessed at:

Take steps to protect others

Stay home if you are sick, except to get medical care. See Pine Lake Preparatory's healthcare policy regarding when to keep your child home. 

COVID vs. Allergies

covid vs seasonal allergies chart