PikMyKid Carline App (Lower School only)

  1. What do I need to do to announce my arrival on campus?   Simple!  Download the free PikMyKid app on the appropriate cell phone app store.  You should have received a notification that your child has been registered to  you.  Complete the registration.
  2. How does this apply to after school? 
    If your child is absent, you will report it in PikMyKid. If you leave early for a doctors appointment, it will register in PMK. If you need to delegate pick up responsibilities to another adult, you can do that. 

  3. What if my plans change and I'm already in carline?   No problem!  If you have plans change and you are able to come after school to pick up your child, simply announce that you are on campus when you arrive.  The student will be notified in their classroom that they are going home during normal dismissal and your child will be automatically removed from the after school schedule.