Graduation Requirements

Pine Lake Preparatory Upper School students will participate in an engaging academic experience in preparation for a four year college or university program. With the exception of select elective courses, the Upper School will offer full academic year classes.

The required Course of Study at Pine Lake Preparatory exceeds the University of North Carolina system school requirements for admission. Students will be required to participate in the NC End of Course Testing Model (ABCs) as required by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.

Course of Study / Graduation Requirements High School graduation requirements, at a minimum, will require successful completion of the following:

  • Four English courses (emphasizing grammar, composition and literature).
  • Four Mathematics courses.
  • Three Science courses, which will include an environmental, biological, and physical science with at least one laboratory course.
  • Four Social Science/History courses that may include a course in civics and economics, American History, World History.
  • Successful completion of 2 world language courses.
  • Four courses in a student's chosen Fine Art discipline. Students completing four courses in the STEM program only need to complete 2 Fine Art courses from their chosen discipline.
  • Digital Literacy and Media Production
  • 160 hours of service-based learning by graduation.
  • Completion of Senior Project with passing grade by review committee.
  • Successful completion of Ethics of Technology (one semester).
  • One PE/Health Education course.

Pine Lake Preparatory does not rank students based on Grade Point Average. Based on input from college admission offices, current trends in college placement, college application practices, policies at nationally recognized high schools, student enrollment, and Pine Lake community values, students are encouraged to strive to attain their personal goals while participating with their peers in creating a learning community where all students succeed. As future leaders, Pine Lake students will guide others of diverse backgrounds and abilities to reach common community and/or organizational goals. Pine Lake Preparatory encourages Upper School students to achieve their personal goals while fostering a sense of community among their peers.

In addition, Middle and Upper School students are expected to engage in appropriate summer opportunities which may include SAT preparation, learning experiences through travel, suggested and assigned reading, or classes and internships.