Parking Passes​​


The cost for obtaining a parking pass at any official PLP location is an annual flat rate of $50 per pass. This fee helps to offset operations costs to the school.

All student drivers will be required to participate in the Student Drug Testing program, starting with an initial drug test prior to obtaining their parking pass. They will remain in the random drug screen pool and may be selected for testing during the upcoming school year.

Parking passes will be distributed at the beginning of August.


Seniors with valid driver’s licenses and who have completed the parking pass process will be assigned a parking spot on campus on a first come first served basis. Once all campus parking spots are filled, seniors will be assigned to park at the Cove.


Juniors with valid driver’s licenses may apply for a parking pass and will be assigned parking at The Cove.  A shuttle will be provided to and from campus, which siblings will also be able to ride in the morning (LS and MS siblings will need alternative transportation in the afternoon).