excel club adopt a highway cleanup


The Excel Club is one of the largest clubs at PLP - and in the state! They are responsible for cleaning up our section of Highway 115. 


Aquaponics Club members learn about sustainability while monitoring water quality, harvesting plants and feeding and measuring fish.  

Taylor in animation studio


Animation Club is dedicated to practicing and learning the art of 2D animation

GSA Christmas tree flag


The GSA Club sponsored a tree at Christmas in Davidson, to benefit the Trevor Project. 

Team Spork photo


Team SPORK is not just about technical skills and building robots; members also learn about marketing, business writing, public speaking and other skills. 

The Upper School has a variety of clubs, for students interested in environmental issues, creative writing, aquaponics, robotics, social issues, Model UN, Mock Trial, Special Olympics, and much more. 

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School - Sponsored Clubs

Animation Club
Advisor: Mr. Leluika

The Animation Club is a club dedicated to practicing and learning the art of 2D animation. Club meetings will be held to discuss techniques, review each other's work and give constructive feedback, and collaborate on projects. The club will also be open to processing requests from the school and other potential organizations to gain experience in fulfilling a client's need. By participating in the club, members can expect to grow their skills with both principles of animation and animation software.

Creative Writing Club
Advisor: Mr. Rhodes

A club for any level of writer to come, learn about creative writing, and participate in some of the most popular national writing challenges if interested. It will be a place where ideas can be shared, plots tested, and have work reviewed by peers in a friendly and constructive setting.

EAAS - Environmental Club
Advisor: Mrs. Russo

This environmentally-minded club will work in the immediate and local communities to not only raise awareness of environmental issues, but also perform hands-on projects to help educate, protect, and clean up.

Advisor: Mr. Hubacher

Excel clubs organize their own fundraisers and community service projects to benefit the community and their school.  Focus on supporting veterans and preventing child abuse. Responsible for the Pine Lake Adopt-A-Highway program. There is a $15 annual fee to join. Deadline to join is 9/24.  Payments on My Payments Plus. 

Advisor: Mr. McCune

Interact Club partners with the nearby Rotary to set up volunteer events, fundraisers, and other such leadership opportunities.  Relationships with local Rotary Club members will connect our students with community leaders through volunteer work while building professional skills. 

Key Club
Advisor: Ms. Schroder

High school student members of Key Club perform acts of service in their communities, such as cleaning up parks, collecting clothing and organizing food drives. They also learn leadership skills by running meetings, planning projects and holding elected leadership positions at the club, district and international levels.

Model UN
Advisor: Ms. Goddard

Model United Nations is a club that simulates the United Nations General Assembly and other multilateral bodies. In Model UN, students will be ambassadors from UN member states to debate current issues on the UN’s agenda. The student delegates make speeches, draft resolutions, negotiate with allies and adversaries, resolve conflicts, all through the Model UN conference rules of procedure.Model UN participants learn how the international community addresses concerns in areas including peace and security, human rights, the environment, food and hunger, economic development and globalization. Model UN delegates examine the needs, goals and foreign policies of the country they will represent at the conference.

Music Club
Advisor: Ms. Bassett

Music Club provides the opportunity to play music outside of class with other musicians/instruments they don’t typically get to collaborate with. The club will work to  improve members’ improvisational skills and ability to arrange music. A student that simply has an appreciation for music can join and learn the ropes of a simpler instrument as we go.

Photography Club
Advisor: Ms. Schroder

Students complete photography challenges and share their favorite photos at meetings. Some of the challenges each year include: composition, fall, holiday/winter, nature/landscape, still life, architecture, portraits, and more. Both budding and experienced photographers are welcome to join!

Plein Air Painting Club 
Advisor: Ms. Hook

Plein air painting is the act of going outside and painting from nature. In the plein air painting club we will take our art supplies and go to different spots outside on Pine Lake campus each meeting, where we will sit and have a good 45 minutes to create art from observation. This club is open to anyone who is interested in creating art or trying it out! Although the club is called the plein air painting club, members can use any art making materials they own. This club will provide high school students with a space to create art outside of the classroom.


Robotics - Team SPORK
Advisor: Ms. Riley

Students participating in the FIRST Robotics Program will learn to CAD, design, build and program robots to take to regional competitions. In addition, students prepare a business plan, do presentations, and maintain a website. Mentoring the LS and US robotics program as well.

Spanish Club
Advisor: Sra. Sepulveda

Students in the Spanish Club will engage in activities that teach and inform about Hispanic culture and help give back to the Spanish community. The club plans to have fundraisers to help needy Hispanic families, teach others about Spanish culture, and grow the club’s membership. 

Theatre Club
Advisor: Ms. Howard

The Theatre Club is a club for students who are interested in theatre but do not have the points required (or other factors) to be inducted into the Thespian Society. The students in the club will work alongside the Thespian Society members and help to sponsor events such as the PLP Talent Show. A lot of the students in this club will be working towards their points to be inducted into the society when they are eligible.

Non School - Sponsored Student Clubs

Action Book Club
Advisor: Mr. Bitters

In a twist on the traditional book club, Little Free Library’s Action Book Club combines reading and community service. Participants read books on timely topics, engage in lively discussions, and take part in meaningful—and fun—group service projects to benefit their communities. This is reading and social engagement at its best.

Advisor: Mr. Walker 

Students will learn about how aquaponics work.  Students will monitor water quality (pH,temp, ammonia,etc), harvest/plant greens, and feed/harvest fish. 

Bible Study
Advisor: Ms. Faulkenberry 

Bible study group will be student led, and open to any student. It will be a discussion based club where kids can come together and openly and safely talk about what the Bible has to say and how it applies to our lives. A service project will be identified and pursued.

C.A.R.E. Club
Advisor: Ms. Douglas

Providing resources to those in need in the Cornelius community. For example, coat drive, holiday meals, ESL, tutoring, homework help, etc.

Chess Club
Advisor: Ms. McLeod

This club will give a place for people new to chess to learn how to play and experienced players a place to play fun competitively.

Culinary Education Club
Advisors: Mr. Irwin and Mr. Walker

In this club, members will learn about food by exploring different cooking styles. This learning will be achieved through group discussions on pre-prepared food. Serve PLP through the service of providing food for certain events (such as teacher/faculty appreciation week).         

Advisor: Mr. Irwin

DECA is an international, student-led business organization that aims to help students prepare for the real world. They help prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe through annual competitions starting at the state level. DECA provides many other great resources and connections which indefinitely benefit students for the future.

D and D Club
Advisor: Mr. Alburger

Dungeons & Dragons is a fantasy tabletop role-playing game. The core of D&D is storytelling. You and your friends tell a story together, guiding your heroes through quests for treasure, battles with deadly foes, daring rescues, and much more.

D&D Club will allow a diverse group of new and experienced players to all come together and learn to play or enhance their skill.

Diversity and Global Awareness
Advisor: Ms. Douglas

A club designed to expose students to a variety of cultures around the world, as well as to educate students about the experiences of diverse identities and the unique challenges they face. The club will work to engage the community in several thought-provoking demonstrations and events that will extend this education to their peers. Members will also give back to the community by participating in service that specifically supports disenfranchised groups.

Fantasy Football Club
Advisor: Coach Greene

A club to discuss players, statistics and fantasy football draft, decide on the top 50 fantasy football players,  look at mock drafts and decide who has the best team.

FCA - Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Advisor: Ms. Riley

Athletes and non-athletes come together to connect in faith. The club will promote leadership and study together in huddles. The goal of our club is to engage, encourage and empower our school to unite and inspire others through faith.

Food Club
Advisor: Mr. Mezzano

A club for foodies where we talk and learn about different cultures of cuisine. The main goal is to help people feel comfortable around food and involve people to meet new students and make new friends. What better way than to join together with the common interest of food. In addition, we will help students understand healthy eating and help people step outside of their comfort zone for food.

Gardening Club
Advisor: Ms. Straub

Our club’s mission is to provide an outlet for students by creating a safe space for both those interested in gardening as well as those who are experienced gardeners. This club would also allow for community outreach and service by looking for service opportunities. Additionally, we hope to be able to cooperate with the horticulture program with the lower school. We also plan on finding space for a club-led garden on campus.

Genders and Sexualities Alliance
Advisor: Ms. Straub

The GSA club is a student-run club in the PLP upper school that brings together LGBTQI+ and non LGBTQI+ students to support each other, provide a safe place to socialize, and create a platform to advocate for gender and LGBTQI+ equality.

Health Careers Club
Advisor: Ms. Field

This club proposes to educate students about the medical field, expose students to the medical track/journey, and provide students with 1st account experiences in medicine.

Maker Club
Advisor: Mr. Walker

Learn 3d modeling, how to use 3D printers, how to use our Laser Cutter and CNC machine.  Make cool stuff!!!! 


Mock Trial
Advisor: Ms. Faulkenberry 

The PLP Mock Trial Team participates in the annual NCAJ High School Mock Trial Competition (early February). Students will take on roles of attorneys and/or witnesses for a predetermined criminal or civil case. Through this experience, students will be educated about our system of justice and trial by jury by turning courtrooms into classrooms and connecting students with attorneys and judges in the hands-on learning laboratory of the courthouse. The impact of this program far exceeds the courtroom, however, building analytical reasoning abilities and communication skills which go hand in hand with confidence, teamwork, leadership and other qualities crucial to students’ futures.

One Sky Adoption
Advisor: Ms. Peters

Students and youth from around the globe closely support OneSky’s work through outreach, fundraising, and forming student-led OneSky clubs. OneSky teaches communities and caregivers to provide nurturing responsive care and early education that unlocks the potential hidden in our world’s most vulnerable young children.  PLP’s OneSky club will work to bring awareness to this issue and educate students on the impacts it has on our global society.

Pine Lake Preparatory Neurodiversity Alliance (PLPNA)
Advisor: Ms. Forrest

PLPNA is a club dedicated to serving and celebrating a neurodiverse community. Neurodiverse students (that means anybody; we are all neurodiverse!) will be able to come together, learn about neurodiversity and also about each other, and find ways to make our environment more inclusive for everyone.

PLSN Club (Sports Network)
Advisor: Mr. Burr

PLSN looks to garner interest from high school students in regards to sports broadcasting and everything that comes with it. It aims to reach a wide array of students interested in sports broadcasting, communications, radio hosting, graphic design, and more.


Sign Language Club
Advisor: Ms. Elmquist

This club will work to learn sign language with the goal of having a basic conversation by the year’s end. You do not need to know any sign language to join.

Special Olympics
Advisor: Mr. Dunbar

The Pine Lake Special Olympics club seeks to better our community by building a more inclusive and accepting environment. Students will take part in various different sport-focused volunteer activities and fund-raising events. Students are expected to be engaged when participating in these events and to treat others as peers regardless of any differences. If you would like to gain service hours in an impactful way, then consider joining the Special Olympics club.

Uno Club
Advisor: Ms. Garcia 

This club will allow people to enjoy themselves and socialize learning how to play different card games (Ex. Crazy 8, Go-Fish, etc.) and spreading joy amongst the PLP community.

Web Development Club
Advisor: Ms. Sutek

In this club, students will learn web development utilizing languages such as html, css, and javascript and engage in school directed projects.

Wildlife Conservation and Animal Wellness Club
Advisor: Ms. Kessler 

The main goal of this club is to educate students about the importance of wildlife conservation and animal wellness. This club will bring together people who are passionate about wildlife conservation and the wellness of animals and spread awareness about ethical issues to drive change and action.