Team SPORK prioritizes outreach as the most important aspect of our team. We often host or attend events that endorse the FIRST® message of Gracious Professionalism. We also promote FIRST® and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) in our school, the community and even around the globe. Encouraging students to pursue STEM fields allows our team to highlight opportunities to get involved with our team and FIRST®. Some of our most recent events have been teaching children in India about programming a LEGO MindStorm robot and creating a resource area on our website to help new FRC teams. To learn a bit more about our outreach program visit our outreach page here.

Davidson Day School

In 2021, Davidson Day School students and mentors joined Team SPORK adding a special relationship between the two schools and helping promote the FIRST® Inspires and SPORK mission. We are excited about partnering with the students and promoting robotics and STEM at their school.