Service Learning


Pine Lake Preparatory continues to grow the educational benefits of service learning. By students having the opportunity to meet the needs of the community, service learning promotes social responsibility, broadens the students' perspectives, and also cultivates interpersonal and leadership skills. All students beginning in Kindergarten learn the value of service projects and that education continues into the middle grades. As a student enters the Upper School, they are required, as individuals, to participate in at least 40 hours per year of service learning projects. 30 hours may be completed during the summer months to count towards their 40 hours; 10 hours must be completed during the school year. Pine Lake Preparatory's service year begins on June 1st and ends on the last day of school in May. For seniors, the hours must be completed and entered prior to April 30th. 

To request more information regarding our service learning program or to post service opportunities please contact Katherine Kwiatkowski at

Service Learning

How to Complete Service Learning:

Independent Projects -Service Learning hours done for an organization may completed during the summer, after-school hours or weekends or during school breaks.

Work Not considered as service learning:

  • Babysitting, Dog-sitting
  • Personal favors to friends or family
  • Helping teachers grade homework or make copies
  • Paid work