Substitute Teachers

​Interested in becoming a substitute teacher at Pine Lake?

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Substitute Handbook

Becoming a Substitute Teacher at Pine Lake

Substitute teachers serve an essential role in the operation of Pine Lake Preparatory. As Academic Partners are pulled from the classroom due to illnesses, bereavement, professional development or personal matters, it is important that we have reliable and effective substitute teachers in place to make sure classroom instruction and student engagement continues during their absence. Serving as a substitute teacher is also a great way to sharpen your teaching skills, help you get to know more about PLP and its staff, and can also lead to professional teaching positions if you hold a valid North Carolina teaching license.

How to Apply

The following steps should be completed (in order) by candidates wishing to substitute teach at Pine Lake Preparatory. 

Step 1. Review the Pine Lake Preparatory Substitute Handbook (linked above). 

Step 2. Attend one of the Substitute Training Workshops offered. Please note – both new and returning substitute teachers must attend a training workshop each year. Reserve a spot here.

Workshop dates include:



Step 3. Complete the Pine Lake Preparatory Employment Eligibility Packet. Packets will be emailed after you attend the substitute training.

After completing steps 1-3 you will be formally added to the list of active substitute teachers within the AESOP system. Please note - Substitute teaching assignments are subject to availability and no one is guaranteed an assignment, even after the application selection process is complete. For questions related to becoming a substitute at Pine Lake Preparatory please email Lauri Schatz at