As the Principal of Pine Lake Preparatory Middle School, I would like to welcome you to the Pine Lake Preparatory website.  My hope is that this can be a source of information for all Middle School parents and students!


The team of staff and teachers at the Middle School is amongst the most talented, caring and dedicated group of educators I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  In this ever-changing society and educational landscape that our students are a part of, these teachers provide challenging educational opportunities while acting in the so many roles that students need on a daily basis.  Evidence of this experience can be seen in the regular demonstration of our core values: PRIDE (Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Driven to Excellence, Empathy)


Academic excellence drives the work done in the Middle School on a daily basis.  The teachers strive to balance rigor, differentiation and data-informed instruction to bring out critical thinking, collaboration, verbal and written communication, and problem-solving in our students.  I believe that the content that students are taught is important. However, it is only when they are taught to demonstrate true application of the content that true learning happens. As a former Language Arts and Social Studies teacher, I was only engaged sitting in a Middle School math class as a student myself when the teacher made it applicable to real life.  


Through the Middle School course offerings, ranging from Spanish in all grade levels every year, to a robust STEM curriculum to a proud Fine Arts program, students are exposed to every opportunity to develop into well-rounded citizens.


In 1904, psychologist G. S. Hall theorized that adolescence is a period of heightened "storm and stress".  In the Middle School at PLP, we know that our student’s social and emotional well-being is paramount to their success.  Various, deep-rooted programs and initiatives exist in the Middle School to aid students in navigating the adolescent years in this changing society.


People ask me why I choose to work with Middle School students, and since my first day in my own Middle School classroom, my answer has always been “because I have never had the same day twice”!


Pine Lake is a great place to be!


Sam Ranallo

san ranallo middle school principal