Gift Card Fundraiser

Thank you for supporting the Holiday Gift Card Fundraiser. The sale is closed at this time.

How to Place an Order

Simply select items you would like to purchase using the PayPal buttons below and pay for your order using a major credit card or your PayPal account.  Multiple PayPal buttons were created due to limitations on the # of items in each list, but your PayPal cart will allow for a single payment for all items.  Use the ‘Continue Shopping’ link to bring you back to this page from your PayPal cart.  Don’t forget to specify your student’s name and delivery method: Parent pick-up (LS, MS or US) or Student pick-up (US only).  Note that a small transaction fee has been added to each gift card to cover the PayPal transaction costs.


Pick-up Options:

Gift cards may be picked up from your Lower School, Middle School or Upper School offices starting the week of 12/16.  Upper School students will be allowed to pick up gift cards with parent permission.


Questions: Contact